My personal values

I wrote these down a few months ago as part of an exercise that I did with the leadership team at my job. I thought that it would be useful to publish these - both for keeping myself accountable and for letting others know what I value.

I am human, and I definitely fall short, but these are the values and ideals I seek to uphold.


Make space, not noise. Remember that all things are inperfect, especially people, especially ideas, especially me, and especially my ideas. When possible, let go and let others take over. Listen to and consider other ideas, regardless of where they originate. Be open to learning and growing.


I named myself Alethea for a reason. Always be true and genuine to my own self identity. Don't try hide who I am, especially when it becomes difficult. Be honest with myself and others about my desires, fears, boundaries, and limitations.


Every soul lives in the same universe, breathes the same air, and is part of the same consciousness as me. Treat others with care and respect. Seek to understand the thoughts, emotions, and motivations of others before acting. The struggles in my life have given me the ability to understand the struggles of others, do not let that skill go to waste.


Remember that not everything is serious. Not everything is life or death. I work with computers and I should never get so caught up in the moment that I forget the absurdity of making magical rocks think. Likewise, in life try to let go of things and moments that are ultimately immaterial. By being lighthearted in these things, I can be steadfast about the things that are truly important - love, kindness, and honesty.